We offer our customers a range of cybersecurity services to:
+ Significantly scale back the amount of security weaknesses in the internet, mobile, and desktop applications, likewise as in our clients’ networks.
+ Ensure their constant compliance with applicable rules and standards (PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA).

Security testing services

Our purpose is to ensure customers' data, innovations, and systems are secure from the numerous risks that they might face. We provide insights and detailed analysis of your security system through our testing administration, safeguarding the benefits that computerized economy brings to your business.

We take in consideration cloud innovations, cloud security, and how-to configuration, execute and survey the best possibly for a business.

Our networking security consultancy is consisted of qualified security specialists who have years of experience in the field.

Penetration Testing

What we offer

Security infiltration cleared testing specialists that can lead an independent evaluation of your basic applications and frameworks. Our services will inform and help you to understand what is required, through definite remediation direction to guarantee a fitting for your business.

Key to starting any testing we complete a scoping exercise, which guarantees you are given the proper testing procedure, preceding concurring any administrations. This technique guarantees you get the correct degree of testing with a financial efficient approach.

Our analyzers all have industry perceived specialized accreditations, for example, CeH, CREST and Tiger, which guarantees that testing is led by an accomplished master.

Security Hardening Configuration

What we do

We provide Security Hardening Configuration (SHC) service which is an incredible solution for getting a security benchmark that matches your enterprise. Regardless of whether you are looking for:

Hardening existing operating systems
Safety database designed
PCI DSS certificates

How we do

We only use industry which is leading recognized to build standards such as NIST and CIS Benchmarks to provide your organization with a highest security solution that provides you with the assurance that your systems are securely built and that will be complied with your industry standards.

Vulnerability Scanning

Fully Managed Internal Scans

Internal scans are necessary to help quality control of a security procedure and we can execute this action for our customer’s locations or remotely working from our workplaces.

This includes examining every single internal system which are using un-credentialed or credentialed discovery strategies. Having a safe internal system ensures internal threats protection and minimize damage if your association were undermined.

Fully Managed External Scans

Our team will directly sweep over your internet infrastructures in periodically by using IT leading recognized tools to identify the latest security vulnerabilities and planning out remediation activities. This type of activities emulates what an intruder may does in the reconnaissance phase of a massive cyber-attack afterward.

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying the vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications, network infrastructures and awareness all risks background to understand the threats to its environment in order to have an appropriate reaction

A Step-by-Step Guide to Vulnerability Assessment

Initial Assessment. To identify the assets and define the risk and critical value of each device (based on client's input).
System baseline definition
Performing the vulnerability scan
Vulnerability assessment report