Patient Engagement Solutions
Patient Engagement Solutions
Patient Engagement Solutions

Patient Engagement Solutions

Deliver impressive experiences that keep clients coming back. Acquire new clients and strong your base.

Regardless of whether healthcare associations are spurred by higher-edge patients, proficient status or Meaningful Use repayment motivating forces, the correct answer for each challenge surrounds patient engagement.

With 05 years of involvement with custom health platform development, Horusoftaceae are able to utilize the incredible strategies of building up long-term patient caregiver figure connection for hospitals, centers and other healthcare frameworks:

Healthcare track-up mobile applications.
Mobile applications on nourishment.
Healthcare instruction platform.
Other hospital white-label mobile applications.
Custom patient entries.
Clinical guides.

Why do patients need a mobile application?

Digitalizing communication between healthcare experts and patients is the key solution for patient engagement. Horusoftaceae extends our client’s services, items and platform into the mobile condition.

When arranging advancement patient engagement applications, our customers think that it's hard to maneuver. Mobile technology develops quickly, and instant applications could give a painstakingly planned UI/UX with an ideal service of highlights, providing an effective solution to an obsolete item. In addition, a drawing in mobile application needs to give persuasive components, which are not generally remembered for off-the-rack sets.

Mobile applications back off your patients' every day medicinal services schedule:

Physical wellness and fitness.
Special diet and nutrition needs.
Appointment manager with schedules and reminders
Online payments.
Overview of test results, medications and immunization history.
Access to personal and family health record information.
Remote consultations.
Health education (through gamification elements)

Patient engagement applications guarantee synchronization with different health tracking items including wearable advancements, which makes individuals increasingly amped up for dealing with their wellbeing:

Physical activities
Level of blood glucose
Blood pressure & beat

Patient portals

Healthcare associations are regularly enticed to pick instant platform solutions, which may empower a faster site dispatch, but such action will frequently prompt deficient and unknown expense because of poor UI designs.

At Horusoftaceae we understand that care suppliers and healthcare associations organize their inside procedures in unique ways. We have aced the custom medicinal services web development ability to indicate helpful highlights upheld by straightforward estimation and full consistence with HIPAA, ICD-10 and other compliances.

Our modified patient portal allows constant access to healthcare records yet in addition the assets that manage customers’ medical requirement day by day.

Patient features
Lab results
Prescription refill request form
Online self-registration
Appointment scheduling form
Online payment options
Social media integration
Interactive education
"Ask Your Doctor" – patient Q&A system
Other custom features
Back-end functionality
EHR | EMR data integration
CRM | Loyalty systems
Secure communication with physicians, exchange of lab and X-ray results