Healthcare Analytics
Healthcare Analytics
Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare Analytics

Horusoftaceae helps you to acquire enterprise-class analytics within the cloud, with no infrastructure preparation and management. We tend to start and manage all the specified parts of Data Warehouse (DWH), ELT | OLAP, reporting, dashboarding, and so on.

Medical Data Analytics Solutions

Medical suppliers need to take in consideration measurement changes at the same time as offsetting quality consideration to moderate expenses, while maintaining workforce and financials. With our custom analytic solutions, those measurements are accounted for. Coordinated apparatuses can oblige both set up forms and evolving conditions, (for example, the progress to a worth based consideration condition).

An effective analytics solution is judged by 5 interconnected measurements: results, costs, patient-generated health data (PGHD), monetary administration and inner procedures.


This measurement will give you fundamental information for distinguishing treatment abnormalities and recognizing patterns. For this, we are pushing boundaries that allows singular patients' advancement:

Length of hospital remaining
Status of health or recuperation
Time to come back to work
Level of recovering physical exercises
Mortality, and others
Varieties of results dependent on demographic factors (age, pay level, way of life)
Varieties of results dependent on a healthcare association's inside elements (doctor, treatment, facilities and more.,)

To offer you a full inclusion of the whole condition care process and past, our applications convey a point by point result review by gathering and demonstrating patients' information from a wide scope of frameworks, for example:

Division explicit frameworks (Cardiology, Dentistry, Neurology, and so forth.)
Disease management/population health management

Internal procedures

We will combine all information into complete dashboards, graphs and outlines to amplify straightforward assessment execution at your association. To recognize the range for development, you can think about a wide scope of information sources. For reference, you can consider a couple of instances of the exploratory investigation beneath.

Bed utilization efficiency
Equipment utilization rates
Operating rooms utilization
Medication use
Clinical HR analytics (qualifications, certifications, hiring and more)

To deliver specific insights for pattern recognition, our healthcare data analytics solutions process the information from several platform, for example:

Workforce management system
Department-specific systems


Patient-generated health data (PGHD) can be the key element of consistence product performance, particularly for chronic disease management. We break down it to help you continually screen patients' present health status, distinguish anomalies, assess the treatment plan progress, perceive early symptom indications and decrease readmissions.

Abnormally high or low blood glucose levels (for diabetes patients)
Significant SpO2 level changes (for COPD patients)
Overall trends on patients’ nutrition, hydration, temperature, weight, blood pressure, etc.

The only data source you need here is your patients. PGHD collecting can be enabled via a platform, a patient mobile application or a patient portal, so that individuals could measure their vitals, record them and share this information with you. Mobile application options for PGHD generation include:

Chronic condition management app.
Universal app to keep in touch with all patient groups
Post-surgery recovery support app.