Custom Platform Development for Healthcare
Custom Platform Development for Healthcare
Custom Platform Development for Healthcare

Custom Platform Development for Healthcare

We can start up with a pilot project or provide consultant to your current platform. Any question regarding your business, we are able to discuss an answer and provide a possible solution.
Mobile Medical App Development

Experience in healthcare

We provide a back bone for our medical/pharmaceutical clients’ businesses, producing customized programs worked by the best advancement strategies.

For more than 05 years, medical organizations, emergency clinics, hospital and support living facilities have been power by our custom applications:

Clinical arrangement applications
Buy request framework for a medical clinic chain
Research center administration stage
Quality administration framework for clinical images
Medical invoicing framework
Corporate clinical entrance for representatives
Mobile application on nutrition
Security information and event management (SIEM) solution

Improving care quality

Better quality is regularly hampered by over the top administrative work, so we discharge your data and let it stream flawlessly inside your clinical foundation with the assistance of:

Custom electronic health record (EHR | EMR)
Enterprise content management (ECM)
Customer | Patient relationship management (CRM | PRM) systems
Patient portals and employee portals

One size never fits all, so we pose the correct inquiries and dissect client conduct to tailor a solution precise to their requirements. With all data gather in one spot, both clinical experts and patients benefit by:

Improved patient care: faster access to records, back-office and authoritative reports, hand written specialist's notes and substance search
Better care coordination and patient commitment: simple correspondence among parental figures and patients just as trade of data like individual healthcare plans, self-care directions, and updates
Improved diagnostics: dependable and extensive data about targeted patients to assist clinicians with the medical diagnostic process
Decreased costs: reduce human capital by computerized tasks, by bringing a new and efficient platform in, it reduces the input cost in the long run

Connecting with patients

Patient communication are shifting away from the traditional physical interaction and are transitioning into virtual interaction. Safely interface with your customers across different communication channels:

Patient portals

With an intuitive user interface and multiple patient-engagement tools:

Accessible treatment plans
Editable personal health records
Feedback and assessment forms
Automated appointment scheduling
Online billing

Mobile healthcare applications

To help patients take even more control over their health trough:

Quick access to EHR | EMR data
Online consultations with a physician
Educational resources in a variety of formats (video, audio and texts)
Reminders and alerts
GPS navigation and maps to provide directions to the nearest clinic

Better management

Medicinal services suppliers require solid data analysis apparatuses to build their budgetary proficiency and care quality. Because of business intelligence (BI) services, clinical pioneers and experts gather important experiences from organized data, for example,

Financial KPIs and metrics
Integrated EHR | EMR data
Emergency and pharmacy analytics
Employee performance
Treatment patterns

Horusoftaceae provides data analysis services to help medicinal services suppliers settle on effective and convenient choices, and better comprehension exercises in their associations:

Data warehouses (DWH) and analytical cubes (OLAP)
Reports and custom visualizations
Advanced analytics and predicting